Ducati Parka Kit (97980381A) Ducati Parka Kit (97980381A) -

Ducati Parka Kit (97980381A)


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Dedicated to all the wildlife enthusiasts in the Ducati Scrambler World, the Parka kit contains all the accessories for the perfect outdoor adventure: heated handgrips, plexiglass windscreen & LED turn indicators to face the wind and bad weather safely; side Urban Enduro waterproof side bags and magnetic tank bag to undertake you every kind of journey. Let’s start exploring!


  • The kit contains: heated handgrips, plexiglass windscreen, LED turn indicators (2 kits), side Urban Enduro side bags, brackets for side bags, magnetic tank bag.
  • Complete packages must be ordered ONLY through package part number. Package components can also be purchased individually.
  • For any assembly incompatibilities among the accessories contained in the packages and others of the family, verify the notes on the data sheets of the single components.



Ducati Scrambler

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Weight 4.7 kg
Dimensions 16 × 21 × 22 cm


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